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A natural or organic perfume is free of synthetically-derived materials and molecules that make up nearly all commercial perfumes today. Instead, natural perfume is produced by blending natural essential oils and absolutes obtained by cold press, hydro, steam, soxlet or CO2 distillation of citrus, fruit, nuts, flowers, seeds, spices, leaves, wood, bark, roots and bulbs of plants.

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Perfumer (3/18/2020 9:11:56 AM):
Organic & Natural Solid Perfume Jasmine Lavender Plumeria Patchouli Tangerine
Expert (3/18/2020 9:12:56 AM):

Reformulated to have long lasting strong scents !!!
Made with Organic & Natural Ingredients
Scented with essential oil and fragrance oil
Each tube is chap stick size (~0.2 oz) & tin jar contains 0.25 oz
From $21.00

Perfumer (3/18/2020 9:05:15 AM):
Malie Organics Roll on Perfume Oil - Coconut Vanilla
Seller (3/18/2020 9:06:08 AM):

Experience the refreshing, soft scent of Organic Hawaiian fragrances. Offering a subtle fragrance that fits in any clutch or purse for all day and night use, making it perfect for travel. The Organic Perfume Oil absorbs quickly, blends smoothly, and layers beautifully with other scents.
From $32.00

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