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Charlotte (7/19/2020 4:58:59 AM):
Is it better to Epilate wet or dry?
Charlie (7/19/2020 4:59:10 AM):

The answer is mainly a matter of preference. A wet epilator will generally offer a less painful experience whilst the dry one is likely to provide a slightly better finish. Both products will effectively remove your hair and can be reused as often as you wish.

Madison (7/19/2020 4:58:39 AM):
Is there any side effect of using epilator?
Sophia (7/19/2020 4:58:49 AM):

Redness. A big side effect of epilation is redness and inflammation, because the hair has been pulled out with some force. You will see redness right after epilation, and it may take a couple of hours to subside. Redness is increased if you remove coarser, thicker hair or if your skin is sensitive.

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Can you use soap with an epilator?

Can you use soap with an epilator; Epilating makes you prone to ingrown hairs so you need to exfoliate when you epilate. But even if you do end up using a chemical exfoliation treatment, you can't cleanse the skin afterwards. So you may as well just shower beforehand.

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Should I Epilate with or against the grain?

Should I Epilate with or against the grain; While it is important to hold the skin taut, the epilator shouldn't' be pressed down against the skin. The epilator should be used “against the grain” (against the direction of hair growth), in a slow, but steady manner. If you rush you may miss hairs or c

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Can I use coconut oil after epilating?

Can I use coconut oil after epilating; As a general rule, you want to work with the natural direction of hair growth. Also, make sure both the skin and tools are clean before epilating. What natural at home products are to be used after face epilation? Facial lotion, coconut oil, or baby oil are all

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