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LG French Door Refrigerator Instructions For Use

LG French Door Refrigerator Instructions For Use

LG French Door Refrigerator Instructions For Use

Before use

Clean the refrigerator.

Clean your refrigerator thoroughly and wipe off all dust that accumulated during shipping.

Connect the power supply.

Check if the power supply is connected before use.

Read the “Turning On The Power” section.

Turn off the icemaker if the refrigerator is not yet connected to the water supply.

Turn off the automatic icemaker and then plug the power plug of the refrigerator into the grounded electric outlet.

* This is applicable only to certain models.

Wait for the refrigerator to cool.

Allow your refrigerator to run for at least two to three hours before putting food in it. Check the flow of cold air in the freezer compartment to ensure proper cooling.

The refrigerator makes a loud noise after initial operation.

This is normal. The loudness will decrease as the temperature lowers.

Open refrigerator doors and freezer drawers to ventilate the interior.

The inside of the refrigerator may smell like plastic at first. Remove any adhesive tape from inside the refrigerator and open the refrigerator doors and the freezer drawers for ventilation.

In-Door Ice Bin

Detaching the In-Door Ice Bin

1 Gently pull the handle to open the ice compartment.

2 To remove the in-door ice bin, grip the front handle, slightly lift the lower part, and slowly pull out the bin as shown.

Assembling the In-Door Ice Bin

1 Carefully insert the in-door ice bin while slightly slanting it to avoid contact with the icemaker.

2 Avoid touching the ice-detecting sensor when replacing the ice bin. See the label on the ice compartment door for details.

Automatic Icemaker

* Depending on the model, some of the following functions may not be available. Ice is made in the automatic icemaker and sent to the dispenser. The icemaker will produce 70~182 cubes in a 24-hour period, depending on freezer compartment temperature, room temperature, number of door openings and other operating conditions.

It takes about 12 to 24 hours for a newly installed refrigerator to begin making ice. Wait 72 hours for full ice production to occur.

Ice making stops when the in-door ice bin is full. When full, the in-door ice bin holds approximately 6 to 8 (12~16 oz or 340~455 cc) glasses of ice.

The water pressure must be 20~120 psi or 138~827 kPa or 1.4~8.4 kgf/cm² on models without a water filter and 40~120 psi or 276~827 kPa or 2.8~8.4 kgf/cm² on models with a water filter to produce the normal amount and size of ice cubes.

Foreign substances or frost on the icedetecting sensor can interrupt ice production. Make sure the sensor area is clean at all times for proper operation.

Turning the Automatic Icemaker On or Off

To turn off the automatic icemaker, set the icemaker switch to OFF (O). To turn on the automatic icemaker, set the switch to ON (I).

When You Should Turn the Icemaker Off

1 When the water supply will be shut off for several hours.

2 When the ice bin is removed for more than one or two minutes.

3 When the refrigerator will not be used for several days.

Normal Sounds You May Hear

The icemaker water valve will buzz as the icemaker fills with water. If the power switch is in the ON (I) position, it will buzz even if it has not yet been hooked up to water. To stop the buzzing, move the power switch to OFF (O).

You will hear the sound of cubes dropping into the bin and water running in the pipes as the icemaker refills.

Preparing For Vacation

Set the icemaker power switch to OFF (O) and shut off the water supply to the refrigerator.

If the ambient temperature will drop below freezing, have a qualified technician drain the water supply system to prevent serious property damage due to flooding caused by ruptured water lines or connections.

Ice and Water Dispenser

* Depending on the model, some of the following functions may not be available.


Using the Dispenser

1 To dispense cold water, push on the water switch with a glass.

2 To dispense ice, push on the ice switch with a glass.

Locking the Dispenser

Press and hold the Alarm and Lock button simultainously for 3 seconds to lock the dispenser and all the control panel functions. Follow the same instructions to unlock.

Cleaning the Dispenser Stand

1 Grip the stand with both hands and pull it out.

2 Wipe out dirty areas with a clean cloth.

Storing Food

Food Preservation Location

Each compartment inside the refrigerator is designed to store different types of food. Store your food in the optimal space to enjoy the freshest taste.

Food Storage Tips

* The following tips may not be applicable depending on the model.

Wrap or store food in the refrigerator in airtight and moisture-proof material unless otherwise noted. This prevents food odor and taste transfer throughout the refrigerator. For dated products, check date code to ensure freshness.


Butter or Margarine

How to

Keep opened butter in a covered dish or closed compartment. When storing an extra supply, wrap in freezer packaging and freeze.



How to

Store in the original wrapping until you are ready to use it. Once opened, rewrap tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil.



How to

Wipe milk cartons. For best storage, place milk on interior shelf, not on door shelf.



How to

Store in original carton on interior shelf, not on door shelf.



How to

Do not wash or hull the fruit until it is ready to be used. Sort and keep fruit in its original container, in a crisper, or store in a completely closed paper bag on a refrigerator shelf.


Leafy Vegetables

How to

Remove store wrapping and trim or tear off bruised and discolored areas. Wash in cold water and drain. Place in plastic bag or plastic container and store in crisper.


Vegetables with skins (carrots, peppers)

How to

Place in plastic bags or plastic container and store in crisper.



How to

Store fresh fish and shellfish in the freezer section if they are not being consumed the same day of purchase. It is recommended to consume fresh fish and shellfish the same day purchased.



How to

Cover leftovers with plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or plastic containers with tight lids.

Storing Frozen Food


Your freezer will not quick-freeze a large quantity of food. Do not put more unfrozen food into the freezer than will freeze within 24 hours (no more than 2 to 3 lbs. of food per cubic foot of freezer space). Leave enough space in the freezer for air to circulate around packages. Be careful to leave enough room at the front so the door can close tightly. Storage times will vary according to the quality and type of food, the type of packaging or wrap used (how airtight and moisture-proof) and the storage temperature. Ice crystals inside a sealed package are normal. This simply means that moisture in the food and air inside the package have condensed, creating ice crystals.


Successful freezing depends on correct packaging. When you close and seal the package, it must not allow air or moisture in or out. If it does, you could have food odor and taste transfer throughout the refrigerator and could also dry out frozen food.

Packaging recommendations:

Rigid plastic containers with tight-fitting lids

Straight-sided canning/freezing jars

Heavy-duty aluminum foil

Plastic-coated paper

Non-permeable plastic wraps

Specified freezer-grade self-sealing plastic bags

Follow package or container instructions for proper freezing methods.

Do not use

Bread wrappers

Non-polyethylene plastic containers

Containers without tight lids

Wax paper or wax-coated freezer wrap

Thin, semi-permeable wrap

Humidity Controlled Crisper and Glide’N’Serve

Humidity Controlled Crisper

* Depending on the model, some of the following functions may not be available.

The crispers provide fresher tasting fruit and vegetables by letting you easily control humidity inside the drawer.

You can control the amount of humidity in the moisture-sealed crispers by adjusting the control to any setting between Vegetable and Fruit.

Vegetable keeps moist air in the crisper for best storage of fresh, leafy vegetables.

Fruit lets moist air out of the crisper for best storage of fruit.


The Glide’N’Serve provides storage space with a variable temperature control that can keep the compartment at a slightly different temperature than the refrigerator section. This drawer can be used for large party trays, deli items and beverages. (This drawer should not be used for vegetables that require high humidity.)

Press the Select button to choose between Meat (Coldest), Deli (Colder) and Produce (Cold).

Detaching and Assembling the Storage Bins

Glide’N’Serve and Humidity Controlled Crisper

To remove the Humidity Controlled Crisper and the Glide’N’Server, pull out the Crisper and Glide’N’Server to full extension, lift the front up, and pull straight out.

To install, slightly tilt up the front, insert the drawer into the frame and push it back into place.

To Remove the Glass

(Pantry drawer not shown for clarity)

Lift up the glass under the crisper cover, and pull up and out.

Door Bins

The door bins are removable for easy cleaning and adjustment.

1 To remove the bin, simply lift the bin up and pull straight out.

2 To replace the bin, slide it in above the desired support and push down until it snaps into place.

Adjusting the Refrigerator Shelves

The shelves in your refrigerator are adjustable to meet your individual storage needs. Your model may have glass or wire shelves. Adjusting the shelves to fit different heights of items will make finding the exact item you want easier. Doing so will also reduce the amount of time the refrigerator door is open which will save energy.

Detaching the Shelf

Tilt up the front of the shelf and lift it straight up. Pull the shelf out.

Assembling the Shelf

Tilt the front of the shelf up and guide the shelf hooks into the slots at a desired height. Then, lower the front of the shelf so that the hooks drop into the slots.

Using the Folding Shelf

You can store taller items, such as a gallon container or bottles, by simply pushing the front half of the shelf underneath the back half of the shelf. Pull the front of the shelf toward you to return to a full shelf.

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Askme (4/11/2020 5:59:11 AM):
Refrigerator Dispensing water slowly and Not dispensing ice.
Ethan (4/11/2020 6:22:57 AM):

Water filter has been exhausted.
Reverse osmosis filtration system is used.
Low house water supply pressure.
Doors are not closed completely.
Infrequent use of the dispenser.
The delivery chute is clogged with frost or ice fragments.
The dispenser display is locked.
Ice bin is empty.

Askme (4/11/2020 5:51:02 AM):
Refrigerator icemaker is not making enough ice.
Isla (4/11/2020 5:52:40 AM):

Demand exceeds ice storage capacity.
House water supply is not connected, valve is not turned on fully, or valve is clogged.
Water filter has been exhausted.
Low house water supply pressure.
Reverse Osmosis filtration system is used.
Tubing connecting refrigerator to house supply valve is kinked.
Doors are opened often or for long periods of time.
Doors are not closed completely.
The temperature setting for the freezer is too warm.

Askme (4/11/2020 5:48:44 AM):
Refrigerator or Freezer section is too cold.
Isla (4/11/2020 5:49:04 AM):

Incorrect temperature control settings. If the temperature is too cold, adjust the control one increment at a time and wait for the temperature to stabilize. Refer to the Setting the Controls section for more information.

Nicola (4/11/2020 5:47:16 AM):
Frost or ice crystals form on frozen food (outside of package).
Isabella (4/11/2020 5:48:08 AM):

Door is opened frequently or for long periods of time. When the doors are opened often or for long periods of time, warm, humid air enters the compartment. This raises the temperature and moisture level within the compartment. Increased moisture will lead to frost and condensation. To lessen the effect, reduce the frequency and duration of door openings.
Door is not closing properly.Refer to the Doors will not close correctly or pop open section in the Troubleshooting section.

Victoria (4/11/2020 5:45:27 AM):
Food is freezing in the refrigerator compartment.
Bethany (4/11/2020 5:46:09 AM):

Food with high water content was placed near an air vent.
Refrigerator temperature control is set incorrectly.
Refrigerator is installed in a cold location.

Thomas (4/11/2020 5:43:43 AM):
What Can Cause Too Much Interior moisture buildup occurs in the refrigerator?
Emily (4/11/2020 5:44:37 AM):

Doors are opened often or for long periods of time.
Doors not closed correctly.
Weather is humid.
Defrost cycle recently completed.
Food is not packaged correctly.

Alexander (4/10/2020 1:58:35 PM):
My fridge Cooling System runs too much.
Megan (4/10/2020 2:01:01 PM):

Refrigerator is replacing an older model. Modern refrigerators require more operating time but use less energy due to more efficient technology.
Refrigerator was recently plugged in or power restored. The refrigerator will take up to 24 hours to cool completely.
Door opened often or a large amount of food / hot food was added.
Doors are not closed completely.
Refrigerator is installed in a hot location.
Condenser / back cover is clogged.

Amelia (4/9/2020 5:02:53 PM):
Refrigerator section is too warm. what can I do? Could you help?
Expert (4/9/2020 5:08:57 PM):

There are many reasons for this. Successful reasons;
Air vents are blocked
Doors are opened often or for long periods of time
A large amount of food or hot food was added to either compartment
Doors not closed correctly
Temperature control is not set correctly.

First of all, you should find out why the problem is caused. you should consult the nearest authorized service for this.

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