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Xiaomi Phone Generic User Guide

Date: 8/10/2020 3:55:36 PM
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1-Basic Features

Turning phone on and off

1. Turning on

Press and hold the Power button to turn your phone on.

2. Turning off

Press and hold the Power button until the menu appears. Tap "Power off".

If your device doesn't respond, press and hold the Power button for 15 seconds to force reboot.

3. Rebooting

Press and hold the Power button until the menu appears. Tap "Reboot".

SIM cards

1. Inserting SIM, USIM, and UIM cards

Use the provided SIM tray extraction tool to take the SIM tray out of the side of your phone.

Place your SIM card inside the tray and insert it into your device.

2. Removing SIM, USIM, and UIM cards

Use the provided SIM tray extraction tool to take the SIM tray out of the side of your phone.

Remove your SIM card from the tray and insert the tray back into your device.

3. SIM, USIM, and UIM card settings

You can only use the services of one mobile carrier on a single SIM device. Dual SIM phones provide more options depending on the number of SIM cards installed.

On a dual SIM device, you can set default SIM cards for making calls and using mobile data in Settings > SIM cards & mobile networks.

You can edit SIM card names which are displayed on the dial pad. To do this, go to Settings > SIM cards & mobile networks and tap your SIM card.

Options for changing preferred network types are available in Settings > SIM cards & mobile networks > Preferred network type.


When your phone's battery is running low, connect the USB cable to the phone and plug it into the adapter connected to a power outlet. Disconnect the charger when your phone is fully charged.

Use only authorized USB cables and power adapters. Using unauthorized devices to charge your phone may severely damage the battery and lead to explosions.



Making calls

There are multiple ways to make calls in MIUI.

1. Using dial pad

Enter a phone number on the dial pad and tap the green button to dial. If you tap the green button directly, the last number you dialed will appear. Tap the button again to make a call.

2. Press and hold a phone number

Press and hold a phone number to make the dialing button appear. Tap the button to make a call.

3. Call numbers from call history

Tap any number in your call history to return a call.

4. Quick dial

Press and hold a digit on the dial pad to assign a phone number to it.

Incoming calls

You might be notified about incoming calls either by a full-screen dialog or a floating notification.

1. Answering calls

Slide the green button in the full-screen dialog to answer a call, or simply tap the button if you see a floating notification.

2. Rejecting calls

Slide the red button in the full-screen dialog to reject a call, or simply tap the button if you see a floating notification.

3. Reply with SMS

Slide the SMS button in the full-screen dialog to reply with a text message. You can choose one of the quick replies or write a custom message.

4. Silencing the ringtone

Press any physical button on your phone to silence the ringtone.

5. Flip to silence ringer

When your phone is on a horizontal surface with the screen facing up, flip it over to silence ringer. You can turn this feature on in Call settings > Incoming call settings.

6. Quiet ringer when lifted

Reduce ringer volume for incoming calls when the phone is raised. You can turn this feature on in Call settings > Incoming call settings.

7. Increasing ringtone volume

Ringtone volume can gradually grow to the level you set. You can turn this feature on in Call settings > Incoming call settings.

8. Flash when ringing

You can make flash notify you about incoming calls. This feature is available in Call settings > Incoming call settings.

In-call features

There are multiple options available to you during calls.

· Recorder: You can record calls and save audio to Recorder.

· Notes: Make notes which will be saved to the Notes app after the call is ended.

Caller ID

Caller ID allows you to identify the phone numbers which aren't saved to your contacts.

The data comes from two sources: Yellow pages database and user reports.

1. Phone numbers from Yellow pages

Yellow pages contain phone numbers of companies and services. They are provided by our partners or businesses themselves. The info you'll see will include company/service names and logos. Phone numbers from Yellow pages will always be identified if you receive calls from them.

2. Marked phone numbers

MIUI users can mark unknown numbers as fraud, telemarketing, taxi companies, etc., and report this info to MIUI. If a substantial number of users provide consistent feedback for a single number, you'll see this phone number along with a comment when you receive a call.

· Marking a phone number

In some cases an automatic dialog suggesting you to report the phone number will appear after a call is ended. You can also report phone numbers proactively on the "Details" page of a number.

· Correcting reported phone numbers

If you find that a incorrect info is attributed to a phone number, you can correct it on the phone number's "Details" page.

Call settings

The settings include options for calls, mobile networks, and SIM cards. Tap the Menu

button on the dial pad to open settings.

1. Call recording

You can record all your calls automatically.

You can record calls from all numbers, or limit the recordings to custom numbers, unknown

numbers, and/or numbers from the directory.

2. Identify unknown numbers

Use this feature to make MIUI check whether unknown numbers are marked as companies

or services. Press and hold a phone number to make a call.

3. Location & country codes

This feature makes MIUI display the location of the phone numbers from which incoming calls are made. Options for setting a default country code and adding country codes automatically are also available.

4. Advanced settings

You can find dial pad touch tone settings and other personalization options here.


Sending and replying to messages

1. Sending a message

Open the messaging app and tap the plus to create a blank message. You can select the receiver from your contacts or add the phone number manually. Enter your message and tap "Send".

2. Replying to a message

Tap a message you received and enter your reply in the field below. Tap "Send" after you're done.

3. Attachments and timed messages

Tap the plus button while you're composing a message to attach a contact, image, item from favorites, audio, video, or slideshow.

Swipe right to see the list of quick replies.

You can also find an option for sending timed messages among the attachment options.

4. Selecting a SIM card for outgoing messages

If you have two SIM cards in your device, you'll be asked which SIM card to use before sending a message.


Use the search bar at the top of the start page do search for phone numbers from Yellow pages, messages, and conversations.


1. Mi Message

Send messages to other MIUI devices without incurring charges.

2. Display

Smart Messaging

Smart messaging allows MIUI to check the incoming messages for one-time passwords and create smart menus for messages from businesses.

Notifications group

Use this feature to group SMS notifications automatically.

Show profile photos

When this feature is on, MIUI will display profile photos for people and assign photos to businesses automatically.

Assign contact photos

Profile photos containing the person's initials will be assigned to contacts without profile photos.

Show blocked SMS

When this feature is on, blocked text messages will be shown in the conversations list.

3. Notifications

Show messages on Lock screen

Turn this feature on to show message previews on the Lock screen and in the Notification shade.

Delivery status

Use this feature to be notified when your messages are delivered.

Delivery sound

Play delivery sound when your messages are delivered.

4. Additional settings

Deleted messages

Viewing the deleted messages stored in Mi Cloud is available to all Mi Cloud members.

Sync messages from Mi Cloud

Turn on Sync with Mi Cloud to back up your SMS messages. Options for dual SIM devices are also available.

Additional settings

Settings for advanced users can be found at the bottom of the settings page.


1. Adding contacts

Open the Contacts app and tap the plus to add a contact.

2. Importing contacts

Importing contacts from accounts

Options for importing contacts from your accounts will appear when you open the app for the first time. They are also available in the settings.




How to quickly open Camera

1. Home screen shortcut

Tap the Home screen shortcut to open Camera.

2. Lock screen

Swipe left on the Lock screen to open Camera

3. Double press the Volume down button

Toggle the switch in Settings > Lock screen & password to be able to launch Camera by pressing the Volume down button twice.

(Note: You won't be able to see your Gallery items if you launched Camera on the Lock screen without verifying your password.)

Camera modes

1. Photo

"Photo" is the default mode. You can swipe left and right to switch between different Camera modes. You'll find the button for switching between the front and rear camera on the start page as well.

2. Portrait

Switch to Portrait mode and follow the on-screen instructions to make photos with blurred background.

· Rear camera: Dual camera devices use both cameras to keep the subject sharp and blur the background.

· Front camera: Get beautiful portrait shots using software. You can make portrait shots using the front camera by pressing the special button in the Photo mode on some devices.

3. Square

Switch to Square mode to compose your shots while you're making them if you aren't sure cropping will work.

4. Panorama

Your phone takes multiple photos in Panorama mode and then combines them into a seamless shot. Tap the shutter button to start, then follow instructions. Tap again or move your phone till the end of the viewfinder area to finish.

(Note: Moving your phone too fast may interrupt the process. Stable speed and fixed angles give best results.)

5. Manual

Use this mode to set white balance, focus, shutter speed, and ISO manually.

6. Video

Switch to Video mode to shoot videos. Tap the "More" button at the top of the screen to select time-lapse and slow motion options.

7. Short video

Use this mode to shoot videos up to 10 seconds long. A special set of filters will make shooting and editing your videos before sharing them on various social media platforms much more convenient.


1. Taking tilt-shift photos

Tap the "More" button in Photo mode and select "Tilt-shift". Focused circle is available by default. Tap the button again to switch to horizontal lines.

2. Playing with the blur

You'll see a whitened area on your screen while you're shooting tilt-shift photos. This area will be blurred when you take a photo.

· Drag the focused area to move it around.

· Drag the whitened area to resize.

· Double tap the screen to make the focused and blurred areas switch places.


Tap the "More" button in Photo mode and select "Timer" to make photos with a 3-second delay after you tap the shutter button. Tap the Timer button again to set it to 5 seconds. You'll see the countdown after you press the shutter button. Adjust shooting angle and composition during the countdown.

Keeping photos straight while shooting

1. Straightening the viewfinder

Tap the "More" button in Photo mode and select "Straighten".

2. About this feature

This feature allows you to always keep your shots leveled no matter how you tilt your phone. Only the image from inside the frame will be saved to your Gallery, margins will be cropped.

Group selfies

1. Turning this feature on

Tap the "More" button in Photo mode and select "Group selfie".

(Note:This feature isn't supported on some models. You can check if it's available on your device by tapping the "More" button in Photo mode.)

2. About this feature

When this feature is on, multiple shots are made while you're taking a photo. Best facial expressions of every person are then combined into a single shot.


1. About this feature

Beautify provides multiple options for evening out skin tones and enhancing facial features in real time.

2. Using different cameras

Beautify is available both for the front and rear cameras.


You can zoom in and out to achieve best effect.

(Note: This feature is supported only for the rear camera.)

1. Gesture zoom

Slide two fingers away from each other to zoom in, bring the fingers together to zoom out.

(Note: These gestures will stop working once you've brought zoom to its highest or lowest values.)

2. 2X zoom

Tap the 2X shortcut to zoom in. Tap again to zoom out.

(Note: This feature is only supported on dual camera devices.)

3. Precise zoom values

Press and hold the 2X shortcut to make the zoom scale appear.

(Note: This feature is only supported on dual camera devices.)

Time stamps and watermarks

You can add time stamps and dual camera watermarks on your photos by toggling the corresponding switches in the Camera settings. Dual camera watermarks vary for different phone models.

(Note: Dual camera watermarks aren't supported on some devices.)


HDR is short for high dynamic range. This feature makes multiple shots in order to underexpose bright areas and overexpose dark spots and combine them together so every item on your photo is clearly visible.

You'll see the HDR icon on your screen when this feature is on. Taking photos in HDR is slightly longer than taking regular photos.

(Note: Auto HDR isn't supported on some devices.)



See how you can change your photos and videos

1. Erase lines and objects

Use this feature to remove visual clutter from your photos.

This feature also helps you remove unnecessary lines by simply swiping over them.

2. Stickers

Make your selfies cooler with lots of funny stickers!

3. Doodle

You can make doodles or add different shapes to your photos.

4. Mosaic

Add different mosaic patterns to your photos if you want to hide any objects.

Free up storage space

Learn how to make your photos take less space

1. Optimize photos

Sign in to your Mi Account and turn on sync with Mi Cloud. Keeping optimized photos on your device and storing original files in Mi Cloud will free up a lot of storage space.

2. Delete screenshots

Very often you need screenshots just for a short period of time. Delete the unnecessary ones to save space for useful items.


Select 1 - 4 photos to create a collage. Multiple styles and layouts are available.


Tap the heart icon while you're viewing a photo to add it to favorites. You'll be able to find favorites on the "Albums" tab.

Hidden album

How to use your hidden album

Swipe down on the Albums tab. You'll be asked to add a password. After this, you'll see your hidden album where all the photos you hide will be saved.

Baby album

How to use Baby album

Find a toddler on your photo and mark them as a baby. After this, you'll see your Baby album in the Albums tab.

You'll be able to share it with other family members.

Automatic backups

How to sync Gallery with Mi Cloud

Turn on automatic backups in the Gallery settings to never lose important photos and videos. You'll be able to sign in to Mi Cloud with your Mi Account on other devices (e.g. compatible TVs and computers) to browse your photos.



1-Lock Screen

Basic features

1. How to change Lock screen wallpaper

Go to Settings > Wallpaper, select an image, and tap "Apply".

2. How to set/change your screen lock

Go to Settings > Lock screen & password > Set screen lock, select your preferred screen lock type, and follow instructions.

Note: Remember your password. You won't be able to restore it in case you forget it. You'll have to perform a factory reset which will erase all data (including photos, contacts, and apps) on your device.

3. How to add fingerprints

Go to Settings > Lock screen & password > Manage fingerprints, and select "Add fingerprint".

Additional features

1. Adjust the time when device goes to sleep

You can set the time after which your device goes to sleep in Settings > Lock screen & password > Sleep. The default time is set to 1 minute. The longer this time is, the more power your device will consume.

2. Don't wake Lock screen for notifications

You can choose not to wake your Lock screen for notifications. The corresponding switch can be found in Settings > Lock screen & password.

Wallpaper Carousel

1. How to turn on Wallpaper Carousel

Open Settings > Lock screen & password > Wallpaper Carousel and toggle the switch. You'll get new wallpapers delivered to your Lock screen regularly.

If the default theme is applied on your device, swipe right on the Lock screen, tap "Wallpaper Carousel", and follow instructions.

2. How to create a Home screen shortcut

Wallpaper Carousel doesn't create a Home screen shortcut by default. To do that, swipe right on the Lock screen, select "Wallpaper Carousel", and tap the "More button" to see the options available to you.

3. How to use Wallpaper Carousel with themes

Wallpaper Carousel only works with the default Lock screen type. If you are using a custom theme, you can still change your Lock screen type to default in the Themes app.

2-Home Screen

Basic features

All apps you install on your device appear on your Home screen. However, it's not the only feature it provides.

1. Uninstalling apps

To uninstall an app, press and hold its icon, then drag it over the trash bin that appears at the top of the screen.

2. Changing wallpaper

Follow these steps:

· Go to Settings > Wallpaper.

· Select one of the albums.

· Select a wallpaper.

· Tap "Apply" and select "Set as Home screen".

3. Installing apps

App market of your choice will also appear on the Home screen. You can search for the apps you need there.

4. Moving app icons

Press and hold an app to pick it up, then drag it to the new location.

5. Creating new folders

Drag an app over another app to create a folder. You'll be able to edit folder's name after this.

Editing mode

You can rearrange items more effectively when you're in the editing mode.

1. How to enter the Home screen editing mode

There are three methods to enter this mode:

· Press and hold an empty spot on the Home screen

· Pinch the screen with two fingers

· Press and hold the Menu button

2. Things you can do in the editing mode

Three buttons will appear after you enter the editing mode.

· Wallpaper: This button allows you to change wallpapers faster.

· Widgets: This button allows you add widgets.

· Settings: Default screen, layout, and transition effect options.

In the editing mode, tap works for selecting items:

· Moving: Select multiple items and tap a screen preview below to move the items there.

· Uninstalling: Select multiple items and tap "Uninstall" to uninstall all of them.

· Creating folders: Select multiple items and tap "Group" to create a folder.

3-Notifications Status Bar

Basic features

1. Opening Notification shade

Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Notification shade.

2. Rearranging toggles

Toggles for mobile data, Wi-Fi, flashlight, and other items are available in the Notification shade by default. Tap the "More" toggle to rearrange items.

Here are the features available in the editing mode:

· Rearranging toggles:

Press and hold any item to rearrange.

· Using toggles:

Tap any toggle to turn the corresponding feature on or off.

3. Wi-Fi settings

Tap the name of the Wi-Fi toggle to be able to switch between Wi-Fi networks quickly.

4. Bluetooth settings

Tap the name of the Bluetooth toggle to manage connected devices.

App notifications

1. How to manage app notifications

Go to Settings > Notifications & status bar > App notifications, and tap any app to see what notifications it's allowed to send.

2. Notification permissions

· Show notifications: On by default. Turn off to restrict all notifications from this app.

· Rules for grouped notifications: Smart notification filter. Use "Recommended" mode if you aren't sure which one suits a particular app best.

· App icon badge: Turn on to allow badges with the notification count on app icons.

· Floating notifications: Turn on to allow important notifications on top of everything else.

· Lock screen notifications: Turn on to allow important notifications on the Lock screen.

· Sound: Turn on to play notification sounds.

· Vibration: Turn on to allow vibration for notifications.

· Notification light: Turn on to use LED light for notifications

Notifications folder

1. How are notifications filtered?

MIUI learns what you do with the notifications from individual apps and decides whether the notifications you receive are important or unimportant. Unimportant notifications are placed in a separate folder.

2. How to stop filtering notifications

Just toggle the switch in Settings > Notifications & status bar.

3. How to make particular notifications that were marked as unimportant appear again

Go to Settings > Notifications & status bar > App notifications, tap the app, select "Rules for grouped notifications", then tap "Important".

Other features

1. Battery indicator

Select which indicator to show in Settings > Notifications & status bar > Battery indicator.

2. Show connection speed

Toggle the switch in Settings > Notifications & status bar to show connection speed in the status bar.

3. Edit carrier name

You can customize your carrier's name in Settings > Notifications & status bar > Edit carrier name.

4-Global App vault

1. About App vault

App vault brings all the important notifications and app features together. Just swipe right on the Home screen to access the features you need most.

2. Features

App vault is a set of cards with most popular features of MIUI.

3. Shortcuts

Shortcuts allow you to use the features of your favorite apps without wasting time on launching them and looking for the feature you need in the UI.

4. A brief note

Taking notes is way more convenient when all you have to do is just to fill in a blank card that’s right in front of you.

5. Stocks

Use the Stock card in App vault to get instant updates on the companies you follow.

6. Messaging

App vault brings messages from several messaging platforms to a single card.

7. Calendar events

On this card you’ll find all your meeting dates, appointments you made, and your friends’ birthdays.

8. Recommended apps

Here you can find fresh apps that are becoming popular right now.

5-Split screen

1. How to open apps in Split screen

Open the apps you'd like to use and follow the steps below:

· Tap the Menu button to open Recents.

· Tap "Split screen".

· Press and hold the first app and drag it to the highlighted area. Tap the second app.

2. How to exit Split screen

· Method 1: Open Recents and tap "Exit" at the top of the screen.

· Method 2: Drag the separator all the way up or down.

3. How to make apps switch places

When apps are opened in Split screen, double tap the separator to make the apps switch places.

6-Quick ball

1. Turning on Quick ball

You can turn on Quick ball in Settings > Additional settings > Quick ball.

2. Selecting shortcuts

Quick ball has 5 customizable shortcuts. You can select yours in Settings > Additional settings > Quick ball > Select shortcuts.

3. Selecting preferred gesture

You can choose between two gestures to operate Quick ball. Tap and swipe are available.

4. Hiding Quick ball

Select apps for which Quick ball will be hidden automatically.

5. Full-screen mode

You can choose to move Quick ball aside when your device enters full-screen mode.

6. Inactivity

Quick ball can stick to the edge of your screen if you aren't using it for 3 seconds.

7. Lock screen

Besides the Home screen, Quick ball can be also shown on your Lock screen.


1-Content Services


1. Tools

Tap "More" > "Tools" to see the options available to you.

· Save page: This feature allows you to save web pages as screenshots or HTML files and come back to them when you're offline.

· Find on page: Use search to quickly locate keywords on the page you're browsing.

· Reduce data usage: Turn on this feature to restrict loading images automatically when you aren't connected to Wi-Fi.

2. Tabs

Tap the icon below to view all open tabs. You can preview, close, or open new tabs in this mode.

3. Incognito mode

You can switch to incognito mode while previewing all the opened tabs. Your browsing and search history won't be saved in incognito mode. However, the files you download and bookmarks you add will still be saved.


You can add the page you're currently browsing to bookmarks. It can be saved to the start page or your Home screen.

5. Bookmarks on the start page

While on the start page, you can add recently viewed pages or custom URLs to bookmarks.

6. News feed

Swipe left and right to switch between channels in your News feed. Tap the globe icon to change the preferred language of your News feed. English, Hindi, and Tamil are available.

7. Sharing webpages

You can share webpages from Browser to multiple platforms, including Facebook and WhatsApp.

Mi Apps

1. Installing apps

Mi Apps is a platform where you can find lots of cool Android apps for your device.

You don't need to sign in, all apps are free to download and 100% secure. All you need to do is open "Apps" and tap "Install" next to the app you like.

2. Searching for apps

Use search to quickly find the apps and games you're looking for. Enter the name of the item into the search bar and get instant results. You can install apps directly from the list of search results.

Enter the name of the item you're searching for.

Tap the button next to a search result to install.

3. Must-have apps

When you open Mi Apps for the first time, you'll see the list of must-have apps we recommend. You can install them all in one tap without searching for individual items multiple times.

4. Recommendations

In Mi Apps, you'll be able to find lots of apps, games, collections, articles, and videos recommended to you.

Scroll up and down to browse the cards.

5. Rankings

Tap "Rank" to see all apps and games ranked from most to least popular.

6. Categories

Categories will help you decide which app or game among multiple similar ones works best for you. You'll find all you need in the 17 games and 33 app categories.

7. Promotions

This part of Mi Apps has all the latest offers, promotions, and discounts.

Here you can complete tasks to get coupons for your purchases.

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