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How to decorate teen girls bedroom? How to Decorate a Teenage Girl's Bedroom

Teenage Girl's Bedroom Giving your bedroom a makeover is the perfect way to express your creativity and help you feel happy and relaxed in your own space. Start by updating your walls with a new paint job or colorful prints, then revamp your bed with matching blankets and throw pillows.

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Decorating the Walls and Floor
Choose a style and color scheme. For a room that looks cohesive and cool, its best to decide on a color scheme and a general style before you start decorating. Choose a color palette that you love, but make sure you wont get sick of it easily.

Soft, pastel wall colors paired with a brighter floral bedspread and decorations make a room thats feminine, but not overpowering.
Dark purples and blues coupled with white or cream walls give a gentle, relaxed vibe.
Opt for a sophisticated space with black, white, and gray coloring, plus pops of pink, purple, or blue.
For a bright, tropical look, blend bright pinks and deep oranges with your walls, bedspread, and furniture.

Repaint your room to totally change the style.
o really transform your space, a new paint job is the way to go. Tell your parents what you envision and talk about some color options. Go with them to buy the paint and offer to help with the painting as well to show your dedication to your project.
Be careful when choosing colors Although bright shades look great on a paint swatch, they can be overwhelming on your walls. Opt for a more subdued hue to bring a sense of calm to the space. For instance, choose navy blue instead of cobalt blue for a peaceful, warm, color.
If you do decide to go with a bright wall color, balance it out with lighter-colored furniture and blankets. You could use accents of bright color with colorful pillows, blankets, or rugs, or paint just the wall behind your bed a bright hue for an accent wall.
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technician - 5/8/2019 5:07:12 PM
Hang up photos or a bulletin board to personalize your wall space.
Frame and hang a few of your favorite photos of your friends and family for a homey touch. For even more wall space to decorate, buy a bulletin board and tack up photos, drawings, and mementos.
You can also use a small, magnetic chalkboard or whiteboard to hang photos and scribble notes and thoughts. Or, paint a whole wall or part of a wall with magnetic chalkboard paint. Youll be able to write messages and put up photos or posters without damaging the wall.

Get a soft rug and throw pillows to make a lounge space in the corner.
Most teen rooms are too small for a couch or comfy armchair. Luckily, you can make your own lounge area in an empty corner by stacking a few big throw pillows on top of a soft rug.

Add a mirror to make your room look bigger.
anging a full- or half-length mirror in your room makes it easy to choose a great outfit every morning. As a bonus, a mirror can also make your room look more spacious.
Add a small mirror in another area to check makeup and open up the room even more. Make sure to situate it so that your mirrors dont reflect each other.

Sprucing up the Bed
Choose a comforter that wont overwhelm your room. Your bed comforter or duvet is the center of your room, so picking the right color or pattern can make a huge difference Check home stores, online retailers, and catalogues for one that matches your rooms style and color scheme.

Move your bed to change your room set-up. Turning your bed the other way or moving it to the opposite side of the room can really freshen up your space. Talk to your parents about scooting your bed against a different wall, or turning it so that it sticks into the middle of the room instead of sitting against a wall.
Toss fun throw pillows on your bed for a burst of color. Look for pillows that are pretty and comfortable, that match your comforter and walls.
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