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How to get along with family during the holidays?

How to get along with family during the holidays? What is a person to do when the only thing they have in common with their family is DNA? How do you handle those family get-togethers that leave you drained, exhausted, or feeling less than adequate?

Subject: Holiday - Sub Subject: Family During the Holidays
Date: 6/11/2019 Status: SOLVED
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Solved - The best Reply technician - Tuesday, June 11, 2019 235
Pick Your Battles Carefully
You are not firing your family, and even if you choose to separate yourself from them, they will find a way to live rent free in your mind. So it is best to pick your battles very carefully with those difficult family members that find a way of getting under your skin.

Though there are times when distance must be kept between family members in order to preserve your sanity and a sense of tranquility, it is best to remember that there are many more family occasions, graduations, birthdays, funerals, et cetera that will cause your paths to cross. Therefore, I find it important for people to accept that these people are not going away, and to fight and argue over menial issues is going to pave the way for much added misery in the future.
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❝How to get along with family during the holidays?❞ answers. technician asked first. Total 8 replies.

technician - Tuesday, June 11, 2019 285
Stop Beating Dead Horses
When I use the term dead horses, I am referring to those topics that you have hashed and rehashed over and over again. I am dealing with those conversations that are old news in your home and marriage.

Just as there is no honor among thieves, there is no honor among critical people. In other words, I have found that when we as a family unit are negative about others, that negativity has a way of turning inward though it starts in an outward direction.
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technician - Tuesday, June 11, 2019 281
Avoid Family Gossip
There is no need to discuss family matters with other family members unless you are in what I call a problem solving mode. It is quite unnecessary.

I often say that though gossip may never be found it, it is always felt, and what people whisper in the private has a way of making its way back to others.

Dont Beat Yourself Up
Sometimes, the only crime that you have committed with your family is that of familiarity.

When you are frustrated with family, sometimes you are frustrated with the fact that you have achieved a certain level of success and respect from the rest of the world, but not within your own family. However, if Jesus only crime was that of familiarity in his own country and amidst his own brethren, then be sure to expect the same treatment.
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technician - Tuesday, June 11, 2019 234
Live Without Regret
Not to be morbid, but one day you may be sitting at a funeral of the person or persons in question. To be frank, I like to live in a way where I will honestly be able to say on such an occasion, I did my all to be a blessing to this person.

Stop Being Surprised by Jealousy
You may have been the dog that was kicked around growing up or a black sheep of sorts in the family. However, now you may be a little different. It is quite possible that you have changed. Instead of being a blot on the family name, you are now a blessing.
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technician - Tuesday, June 11, 2019 217
When youre a kid, youre so wrapped up in presents and chocolate snowmen during the holidays that you dont even realize the tension between the adults is so thick, you could cut it with a knife. But as a grown-up, you start picking up on all the inappropriate comments being made at the dinner table, the butting of heads, and you realize that, family or not, some people just arent your cup of tea. Unfortunately, you have to figure out how to get along with family during the holidays, if for nothing else but to keep the peace.

Whether youll be home for the holidays, visiting a relative, or splitting this seasons festivities with your significant other, its OK to admit that family togetherness isnt always super cozy for you it doesn't mean you love these people any less. Still, if you can find a way to put the hard feelings aside for a party or two, Im sure your hostess with the mostest would be forever grateful.

During this time of year, were bringing people together who have different personalities, different viewpoints, and different ways of handling conflict, Dr. Sherry Benton, psychologist, mental health care administrator, and founder/chief science officer at TAO Connect, tells Elite Daily. But, regardless of whether you see eye-to-eye with these people, she adds, there is usually some sense of underlying positivity and feeling of support within most families. You just have find it.
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Jordan Davis - Monday, October 30, 2023 108

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