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How to paint designs on walls? How to paint the interior of a house?

How to paint designs on walls? How to paint the interior of a house? Painting designs on walls is a great way to make your space look more colorful and unique. Painting the entire interior of a house can transform it from mundane to inspiring.

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technician - 6/13/2019 5:38:57 PM
Consider practicing your design on a piece of cardboard first. If you are planning on using stencils for the first time, you might want to practice on a piece of cardboard first. This will allow you to get the feel for your foam roller or stencil brush first. It will also allow you to develop the right technique before you move onto your actual wall.
You can even paint the cardboard the same color as your wall first. This will not only give you a similar texture, but it will also give you an idea of how the final colors will look like

Gather your supplies. Stenciling is a great way to add simple or complex designs to walls. You can even go back over the stencil with a second color to add shading. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time for this project, however, as stenciling can take a while. Here's a list of what you will need:
Wall stencils, Painter's tape or repositionable spray adhesive, Foam roller or good quality stencil brush, Acrylic paint or wall paint, Paint pan or paint palette, Paper towels

You can place it anywhere you want. If you want to cover your entire wall with the design, you can start off by placing it in the top left corner of your wall or right in the middle of your wall. Once you know where you want your stencil, trace the corners lightly with a pencil. You can also outline the corners with some painter's tape.

Pour some paint out. Acrylic paint would be great for small areas, but if you are stenciling your entire wall, you might want to consider some wall paint instead. Choose a finish that matches the original finish of your wall: glossy, satin, eggshell, matte, etc. Do not pour too much paint out at once, or the paint will dry before you can use all of it. This way, you won't be wasting any paint.
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technician - 6/13/2019 5:40:37 PM
Dip your paint roller or stencil brush into the paint and tap the excess off onto a folded paper towel. You don't want to apply too much paint all at once, or you might get drips. The paint may also leak under the stencil and create blotches. Because of this, it is much better to apply many thin coats of paint rather than one thick coat.

Start applying the paint onto your stencil. Apply the paint using light to medium pressure. You don't want to press down too hard with your brush or foam roller, or you will squish the paint out and create blob. Work with one color at a time, and use a fresh paint roller or brush when you do.

Apply as many coats as you need until you get the look you want. At some point, you will probably need to reload the roller or brush with more paint. Do this only when your roller or brush completely runs out of paint. Whenever you dip your roller or brush into paint, be sure to tap the excess paint off onto a paper towel.

Remove the stencil when you are done and make any necessary touchups. If some paint got under the stencil and onto the wall, use a damp Q-tip to clean the excess paint off. If there are any gaps along the edges of your design, use a thin paintbrush and some extra paint to fill in those gaps.

Check the underside of the stencil for any leaked paint before reusing it. If you plan on reusing the stencil, double-check underneath it. If any paint got underneath the stencil, you might end up transferring that paint into your wall. If you see any leaked paint, wipe it off using a damp paper towel.

Let the paint dry fully before erasing any pencil marks. Refer to the label on your paint can or bottle. Just because something is dry to the touch does not necessarily mean it is fully dry. Most acrylic paints will be dry in 20 minutes, while some may require up to two hours. Latex wall paints will require a much longer drying and curing time.
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technician - 6/13/2019 5:41:36 PM
Develop a vision. As you tour the house, write down your thoughts on color, keeping sunlight, windows, gloss and trim in mind.
Light colors work anywhere, but dark colors require rooms with lots of windows and natural light. Painting a basement den a deep blue might sound relaxing but can turn the room into a dungeon
If you're preparing a house for sale, stay with neutral colors that could match any decoration or furniture.
If you're e-savvy, take digital photographs of the rooms in question and adjust the colors with your favorite photo editing program. This will ensure you and everyone involved know exactly what the room will look like.
If you're transforming your home for yourself, live a little. Go nuts. Like a color? Be bold. If you don't like it, guess what? You can paint it again. Feeling artistic? Plan a mural. It's your place. The only person who has to like it is you (and the people who live with you).
Complementary colors work well when adjacent rooms open to each other (try two shades of the same color for a neat effect). You can go for bold contrast when crossing a barrier (like a door).
Carefully consider the gloss level. The shiny gloss paints are easy to clean, but will make any wall blemish stand out. The flat paints will help disguise wall blemishes, but can be difficult to clean. Generally, you'll want glossier paints where there's lots of steam or cooking (baths and kitchens) and in high-traffic areas. Flatter paints are preferred for large walls and ceilings.
Consult a professional home decorator to guide you.
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