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What are cute English girl names? Cute English Names for Girls

I need cute English names for Girls ideas. heck the updated list of cutest English girls Name for babies and cute English girls name with meaning and choose a cute name for your baby.

Subject: Baby Names - Sub Subject: English Names for Girls
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Check the updated list of cutestEnglish girls Namefor babies andcute English girls namewith meaning and choose acute namefor your baby.

  • Abigail: ‘A father’s joy’. This name has become popular in the recent years and is often abbreviated as ‘Abby.
  • Adah: From the Beautiful Scenery, Adornment, Ornament
  • Adia: Noble, Gift, Wealthy
  • Alexandra: ‘Defender’ or ‘helper of men’. This is often shortened to Alex, which is also used as a nickname for similar names like Alexis and Alexa.
  • Alice: ‘Noble’ or ‘Of nobility’ . Allie is a commonly-used nickname for Alice. Another version of this name is Allison.
  • Alis: Noble, Kind, Noble Sort
  • Alyssa: ‘Rational’, ‘alyssum flower’ or ‘sanity’
  • Amber: ‘Jewel’
  • Amelia: Striving/Industrious, ‘Defender’
  • Amey: Beloved
  • Amy: ‘Beloved’ in French. It is one of the popular British names for girls.
  • Anastasia: ‘One who will be reborn’ or ‘resurrection’.
  • Angelina: ‘Angel’ or ‘messenger of God’. A more common version of the same name is Angela.
  • Anna: ‘Grace’. Also used as a nickname for Annabelle
  • Ashley: ‘One who lives in the ash tree grove’. It is one of the modern English baby girl names.
  • Audrey: Strength
  • Ava: ‘Bird’ or ‘the living one’ or ‘life’. It may also be spelt as Eva.
  • Belinda: ‘Beautiful’. One of its other variants is ‘Bella’. ‘Bright linden tree’ or ‘bright serpent’.
  • Bella: ‘Beautiful’. It is often used as a nickname for other names ending in –bella, like Annabella, Arabella, etc.
  • Bety: God is My Oath, God is Perfection
  • Cadie: Rhythm, A Rhythmic Flow of Sounds, Variant of Cady
  • Callie: ‘Most beautiful’. It is often used as a diminutive of the names Callista (beautiful), and Calliope (beautiful voice).
  • Candy: Bright, Sweet, Glowing White
  • Carla: Fem Form of Carl, Womanly
  • Caroline: ‘Strong’. It is the female version of Charles.
  • Catherine: ‘Pure’ or ‘Clear’. Other versions of this name are Katherine and Katrina.
  • Cecilia: ‘Blind’.
  • Charlotte: ‘Free man’ or ‘petite’. Other versions of this name are Charlie, Carlotta, and Lottie
  • Chloe: ‘Blooming’ or ‘young green shoot.
  • Christina: ‘Follower of Christ’. Other variations of this name are Christine, Christiana, Kristina, and Kirsten.
  • Claire: ‘Bright’ or ‘clear’.
  • Clara: ‘Bright’ or ‘clear’. Another version of Claire.
  • Daisy: ‘Day’s eye’ or ‘the daisy flower’
  • Dandy: God is My Judge
  • Daniella: ‘God has judged’
  • Danya: God is My Judge, Feminine Variant of Daniel
  • Dora: Kind, A Gift, Gift of God, Honesty
  • Dorothy: ‘Gift of God ‘
  • Eddey: Friend of Riches, Blessed / Rich Friend
  • Edolie: Noble, Good Humour
  • Eleanor: ‘Bright, shining one’
  • Elena: ‘Shining’ or ‘Bright One’
  • Elizabeth: ‘God is my oath’
  • Ella: ‘Light’ or ‘beautiful fairy’. Other versions of this name are Elle and Ellen
  • Emily: ‘Striving’ or ‘Industrious’
  • Emma: ‘Whole’ or ‘universal’. It is also used as a nickname for Emmeline, Emily, Emilia, and Amelia.
  • Emmy: Entire, Universal, Rival, Eager, Laborious, Imitating, Work, Hardworking, Industrious, Embracing Everything, Variant of Emily
  • Erica: Ruling Forever, Always Ruler, Honourable Ruler
  • Gabriella: ‘Woman of God’ or ‘God is my strength’
  • Hadley: ‘Heather field’
  • Isabella/Isabelle: ‘Devoted to God’ or someone who is pious
  • Jaena: Supplanter, Jay Bird, Feminine Variant of Jay
  • Jainy: Gift from God, Name from Lord Vishnu
  • Jasmine: A flower which is white and has a sweet scent.
  • Jennifer: Someone who is exceptionally fair skinned.
  • Jessica: A person who has remarkable foresight
  • Jocelyn: ‘Member of the Gauts tribe’
  • Josephine: ‘God shall grow’ or ‘Jehovah increases’
  • Julia: ‘Youth’ or ‘youthful’. Some of the other versions of this name are Juliana, Julianne, Guilia and Giulianna.
  • Kaylee: ‘One who is filled with purity’
  • Kimberly: ‘From the wood of a royal forest’.
  • Kylie: ‘Beautiful’
  • Lauren: ‘Laurel’ or ‘bay tree’
  • Lily: ‘Lily flower’ or ‘Pure’. Some of the variants of this name include Liliana, Lillian, Lilly
  • Linda: ‘Beautiful’
  • Lucy: ‘Light’ or ‘born at dawn’. Also used as a nickname for Lucinda.
  • Luna: ‘Moon’
  • Madison: ‘Son of Matthew’ or ‘Gift of God’
  • Margaret: ‘Pearl’
  • Maria: ‘Sea of sorrow’ or ‘sea of bitterness’. Some sources give the definition as ‘rebellion’ or ‘wished-for child’. Other versions of this name are Miriam, Mary and Marie.
  • Megan: ‘Pearl’ or ‘capable’
  • Melanie: Someone who has dark or black skin.
  • Mia: ‘Mine’ or ‘wished-for child’
  • Molly: ‘Bitter’
  • Morgan: Someone who is a defender and champion of the sea.
  • Natalie: ‘Sunrise’ or ‘Born’
  • Nicole: ‘Victory of the people’
  • Olivia: ‘Olive branch’
  • Pamela: ‘All honey’ or ‘all sweetness’
  • Rachel: ‘Ewe’ or ‘Lamb’
  • Rose: ‘Rose flower’
  • Rosemary: ‘Dew of the sea’ or ‘bitter rose’
  • Roxanne: ‘Dawn’
  • Samantha: ‘God heard’ or ‘Listener’
  • Sarah: ‘Princess’
  • Scarlett: ‘Red’
  • Sophia/ Sophie: ‘Wisdom’. Some of the other versions of this name are Sophie and Sofia.
  • Stella: ‘Star’. It is also used as a diminutive of Estelle.
  • Susan/ Suzanne: ‘Lily’. Some of the other versions of this name are Susannah and Susie.
  • Sylvia: ‘Of the forest’
  • Teresa: ‘To reap’ or ‘harvester’
  • Trinity: ‘Holy triad’
  • Victoria: ‘Triumphant’
  • Yvonne: ‘Yew tree
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What are cute English girl names? Cute English Names for Girls
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